New things need space - and an appropriate setting

Anyone who wants to change the world needs protected spaces for tinkering and trying things out. Change needs space, and it needs space physically: real spaces where new things can and may be tried out. But also in regulatory terms: new things can only be realized to the extent that the regulatory framework allows. Here, it is important to become creative, to open up experimental spaces so that innovations can emerge at all. And ultimately, it is also about creating space in thinking, giving room to new thoughts, out of the box. The Karlsruhe Transformation Center creates such spaces, gladly together with you. A very practical example is the Future Space for Sustainability and Science in Karlsruhe's Oststadt district. There, too, not everything is possible, but many things are.

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Try out sustainable living
KAT Buch Dein Quartier und Du

Space and time for deceleration and more community

As part of "Dein NachhaltigkeitsExperiment" (Your Sustainability Experiment), the KAT team has supported and accompanied groups that have set out in search of deceleration and more community. Under good conditions, such as enough free space and sufficient opportunity for exchange, the groups were able to realize their ideas. The book Your neighborhood and you provides colorful information about the experiments, explains the background and inspires to imitate.

Try out self-experiments

If you want to integrate climate protection and sustainability into your everyday life, you can do so through self-experiments. Ingrained routines, ways of doing things and structures can be changed for a certain period of time in a playful way, both at home and at work . Simply try out what it's like to do without plastic, to take the cargo bike instead of the car, or to eat regionally. The project "Klimaschutz gemeinsam wagen!" shows how simple self-experiments can be.

KAT Mann probiert Lastenrad aus
KAT Urban Gardening und Bücher

Thought experiments on the city of tomorrow

Spaces need to be opened up not only physically and in terms of regulations, but also mentally. Daring to think in new ways is usually the first step toward conscious change. In the project Urban Xtopias, the Karlsruhe Transformation Center opens up "free spaces of the future" in a cooperative think tank.

The KonsumCafé

What do we eat, drink and wear? Consumption plays a major role when it comes to sustainability. The KonsumCafé creates incentives to rethink current consumer behavior. Regular events and presentations, such as a plant and clothing swap, can inspire and highlight alternative, more sustainable behaviors. The motto here is to swap, repair and do-it-yourself instead of buying.

KAT Second Future Frau trägt einen upgecycelten Schal
Further fields of action