Do you have questions about the Karlsruhe Transformation Center? Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions as well as useful further information about us, our real-world laboratory and our sustainability projects.

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What is the Karlsruhe Transformation Center for Sustainability and Cultural Change (KAT)?

The KAT sees itself as an institution of change that researches, demonstrates and makes it possible to experience in practice how sustainability can be lived. KAT sets impulses for the future and passes them on to other places. This makes KAT both a point of contact and a partner for all those who want to take the path to a sustainable future.

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Why does the Karlsruhe Transformation Center exist?

The Karlsruhe Transformation Centre aims to support cities and municipalities, companies and organizations on the path to a sustainable and future-proof way of life and economy. To this end, it conducts research in various subject areas such as climate protection, energy transition and personal sustainability. The aim is always to connect science and society, companies and administration in such a way that a joint transformation and lasting change becomes possible.

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What projects does the Karlsruhe Transformation Center run?

KAT runs the real-world laboratory "District Future - Urban Lab" in Karlsruhe as well as other research projects in the field of sustainability. Here you will find an overview of the current and completed projects at KAT.

How can KAT help me if I want to get involved in climate protection and sustainability as an organization or private individual?

The Karlsruhe Transformation Center runs the real-world lab "District Future - Urban Lab" and other research projects related to sustainability. At KAT, scientists work closely with citizens, companies and organizations. Private individuals can get involved themselves, for example in the areas of climate-friendly nutrition, car-free mobility or solar balcony modules, take part in events or obtain further information. Companies, local authorities and institutions can contact KAT if they would like to take a more sustainable approach and would like advice, support or training.

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What happens in a real-world laboratory?

In a real laboratory, experiments take place under real conditions and outside of a typical laboratory. New approaches can simply be tried out under scientific supervision. Science and society are closely networked with each other, in which they jointly research sustainable solutions and develop the corresponding knowledge. True to the motto "Experimenting with society and for society".

More insights can be found in this video "What is a real-world laboratory"

What does the real-world lab District Future do?

The "District Future" real-world lab is based at the Karlsruhe Transformation Center. The real-world laboratory has been working on the sustainable design of Karlsruhe's Oststadt district since 2012. The scientific team works closely with citizens, politicians and the private sector. It provides impetus, coordinates and moderates sustainability work in the district and provides research support. For example, it is investigating how the urban quarter can be made fit for the future with the help of solar balcony modules, cargo bikes and climate-friendly nutrition.

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