The team

KAT Team

The KAT team is a disciplinarily broad, versatile and well-coordinated team of scientists and tranformateurs with a good network and many years of experience in the field of transformative research and the design of sustainability processes. The professional spectrum includes sustainability sciences, environmental sciences, geoecology, sociology, philosophy, education, psychology, geography, ethics, cultural studies, various engineering fields as well as technology assessment. Sustainable development is a universal task and requires true interdisciplinarity.

"We want to advance sustainability transformation in all areas of society."-Dr. Oliver Parodi, head of KAT

To ensure that the link between science and practice succeeds, the team can draw on a wide range of non-university expertise and experience. In addition to their academic activities the diverse professional biographies of the team members combine know-how from the private sector (engineering firms, industry, construction companies, architecture), the public sector (municipal and ministerial activities, development aid, disaster management) and the civil society and social sector (human rights, environmental, eco-village movements).

Furthermore, the team has numerous process competencies: Methods for designing participation processes, moderation, mediation, process support and process consulting, as well as tools for sustainability assessment. A sustainable lifestyle is also important outside of work and the team is involved in refugee aid, cargo bike rental, foodsharing and urban gardening, and permaculture chicken farming, among other activities. Members are active in nature education, environmental education, and Scientists for Future, or implement inner aspects of a culture of sustainability, such as yoga, mindfulness practices, and experiencing nature.

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